Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques for the Shoulder Course introduction

with Robert Libbey

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Shoulder injuries and conditions are a common complaint clients seek help for. Robert Libbey, Canada based massage therapist and educator, has developed a course to strategically build upon the clinicians’ current knowledge and skills and further deepen anatomical insight and treatment techniques.

This webinar is the introduction to his three part course in which Robert explains why why joint tissue injuries are considered neuro-psycho-physiological condition how each of these aspects can be treated.

The course is a combination of lecture and practical application covering shoulder anatomy, neurological innervations of joint tissues, pain referral patterns and principles of treatment.

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Robert Libbey

Massage Therapist

Robert Libbey has been a registered massage therapist (RMT) for over twenty-six years and an educator for over twenty years. At the beginning of his career, Robert recognized that many of his patients were describing pain referral patterns that did not conform to established central or peripheral neuropathies or Travell trigger point patterns. His investigations lead him to research documenting ligament pain referral patterns

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